Electric Bicycle Lithium Battery

Have independent research and development capabilities
to support personalized customization needs

Electric Motorcycle Lithium Battery

IPX7 waterproof, V0 flame retardant material, low internal resistance, good heat dissipation,
independent research and development capabilities, and accept personalized customization requirements

Other Lithium Battery Customization

One-to-one Tailored

Industry Application Case

After More Than 30 Well-known Brand Application Tests

Why Many Customers Choose Us

After Multiple Inspection Procedures, Product Performance Is Stable And Reliable

High-endIntelligence,Learning From Others,Strong Power

The factory has more than 4,000 square meters, and the sales volume of lithium batteries for electric vehicles exceeds 5 million. The products have undergone more than 30 brand application inspections and authoritative certification (ISO/CE/MSDS/UN38/sea··/air)

  • R & D team

  • Trial production team

  • Test team

  • Manufacturing base

About Us

Focus On R&D And Manufacturing Of Lithium Batteries For Electric Bicycles

Shenzhen Zhiboli Technology Co., Ltd
E-bike Battery Factory

A company specializing in the production and processing of lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium power batteries. Products include 18650 ternary lithium batteries, 26650 iron phosphate lithium batteries, polymer lithium batteries; widely used in electric vehicles , Power tools, household appliances, medical equipment, car models and toy gun models, lighting flashlights, mobile power supplies, solar street lights, military products and backup power supplies, etc.

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