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Yang high chongyang festival company organization, telescopic...
Update time: 2016-10-09

The double ninth festival (also known as: advocates), 9 September of the lunar calendar, is a traditional festival of han nationality, because of the "six" as in "I ching" Yin, "nine" as Yang number, September 9th, the moon and sun and Yang, October, so called chongyang, also known as the ninth. The double ninth festival has been formed, as early as the warring states period to the tang dynasty, chongyang was formally as a folk festival, since today who lived in ages past. Folk have high customs in that day, so the double ninth festival is also called "climbing festival", in addition to dogwood, chrysanthemum, etc. When people celebrate the double ninth festival in general will climb, chrysanthemum appreciation, drink chrysanthemum wine, dogwood, and eat cake. In addition, due to the 9th lunar month is "jiujiu" homophonic "for a long time," has the meaning of for a long time, so often in this day ancestor worship and respect publicizing filial piety activities. The double ninth festival with three is Chinese traditional festival, qing,, after the ancestor worship of the big four festivals.

Is double ninth festival, the company organization we went to the nearby sheep taishan to climb!